Jumat, 16 November 2012

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Et posse meliore definitiones (strong) his, vim tritani vulputate (italic) pertinacia at. Augue quaerendum (Acronym) te sea, ex sed sint invenire erroribus. Cu vel ceteros scripserit, te usu modus fabellas mediocritatem. In legere regione instructior eos. Ea repudiandae suscipiantur vim, vel partem labores ponderum in blogger templates (link).

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Mel putent quaeque an, ut postea melius denique sit. Officiis sensibus at mea, sea at labitur deserunt. Eam dicam congue soluta ut.

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Mel putent quaeque an, ut postea melius denique sit.
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Senin, 01 Oktober 2012

white house
The White House has confirmed it was the target of a cyber-attack but says the breach hit an unclassified network.

An unnamed administration official told US media that there was no indication any data had been removed.

The conservative Washington Free Beacon reported on Sunday that hackers linked to the Chinese government had breached the White House Military Office.

The White House would not say if the attack originated in China, describing it as a "spear-phishing" attempt.

"Spear-phishing" typically works by sending fake e-mails that look like legitimate correspondence and links to a malicious website or file attachment.

"These types of attacks are not infrequent and we have mitigation measures in place," the official, who was not authorised to speak on the record, told the Associated Press and other US media.

Cyber-attacks from Chinese-linked hackers have been an increasing concern among US government offices, including the Pentagon, the top US cyber defence official told Reuters last week.

"Their level of effort against the Department of Defense is constant," Rear Admiral Samuel Cox said.

In 2011, Google blamed computer hackers in China for a phishing effort against Gmail accounts of several hundred people, including senior US government officials and military personnel.

That November, senior US intelligence officials for the first time publicly accused China of systematically stealing American high-tech data for its own gain.

Minggu, 09 September 2012

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Jumat, 13 Juli 2012

stephen moyer

Stephen Moyer, who plays vampire Bill Compton on HBO’s “True Blood,” says he’ll occasionally bite his fans, but only when they ask him to.

“If the person looks clean and wholesome, I might oblige,” Moyer told The Advocate.

In the interview, which appears in the magazine’s August issue, the actor talks about “True Blood’s” dedicated LGBT fan base and the sexual tension between his character and Eric, played by Alexander Skarsgård.

When asked if Bill and Eric would ever be intimate, Moyer said, “Alex and I would absolutely embrace that. Last year, when Sookie had her fantasy about the two of them with her, we even suggested it.”

Of course, as we reported in 2010, Skarsgård declines to cover his goods with a modesty sock while filming the series, now in its fifth season. But Moyer, who opts to don the sock, says he doesn’t mind.

“We all know each other really well, and it’s not that I care about what the actors think, but I don’t think the crew necessarily needs to see my bits,” he said.

One costar Moyer knows extremely well is wife Anna Paquin, who plays Sookie on the vampire drama. The pair are currently expecting twins, according to US Weekly.

As to whether or not “True Blood’s” broad sexuality alienates some viewers, Moyer says, “We live in a very different world than we grew up in, so if people can’t embrace that aspect of our show, then that’s a shame.”

Image : CNN